Thanks to my great supporters! Unofficial results make it look like I won this race! More later!

Henrietta Davis

Dear Neighbor,

This is a critical election year for Democrats and for democracy. It could not be more sol l'm running for DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEE WOMAN to organize and elect Democrats, especially to elect a Democratic President! With your vote, I will promote Democratic values at the State Committee:

  • Sustainable green policies and climate justice
  • A permanent solution for housing people of all income levels
  • Vigorous support of families and children who need our help
  • Training for the new climate and environmental jobs

Thank you for voting in the Democratic Presidential Primary Election March 5!

Henrietta is running for Democratic State Committee Woman to represent the Middlesex and Suffolk District - Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett and Charlestown. Please vote on March 5 or mail your ballot, postmarked by 2/27.

A Proven & Collaborative Leader

  • Former Cambridge Mayor
  • 16 years as a Cambridge City Councillor; 10 years on the Cambridge School Committee
  • Henrietta is passionate about climate action. She led Cambridge to be an environmental model for all US cities.
  • She was named Democratic Municipal Official of the Year at the National League of Cities (NLC); and Chaired the NLC Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee.
  • Henrietta was Co Chair of the Cambridge Healthy Children Task Force, working with schools and families to promote children's and family health.
  • A social worker and community planner, Henrietta will always work for a robust social safety net for Massachusetts.

Henrietta at the Paris Climate Talks in 2016


I am proud to have the endorsement of Senator Sal DiDomenico who represents the Middlesex and Suffolk District and the following.

Cambridge City Councillors:

  • Vice Mayor Marc McGovern
  • City Councillor Paul Toner
  • City Councillor Burhan Azeem
  • City Councillor Joan Pickett
  • Richard C. Rossi (Retired City Manager)
  • Tim Toomey (Former State Representative & City Councillor)
  • Rebecca Bowie (Community Activist & Educator)
  • Ann Roosevelt (Environmental Activist)
  • Marc Hoffman (Energy Activist and Net Zero Task Force)
  • Martina Jackson (Climate Activist)
  • Cathie Zusy (Community Activist)
  • Gladys Vega (Chelsea Community Activist)
  • Lora Pellegrini (Charlestown Activist, Former Democratic State Committee Woman)
  • Marc Puleo (Everett Democratic City Committee Chair)

Henrietta's Kickoff Announcement and Press Release

Henrietta Davis announces: She's a candidate for Democratic State Committee Woman!

I'm excited to announce that I'm running for Democratic State Committee Woman, to help make a difference in this critical presidential election year. I want to bring together Democrats to actively campaign for candidates who will protect women's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, civil rights and voting rights, and promote true democratic values.

I want to tell you about who I am and my record of accomplishment. As mayor of Cambridge, and in my many years as an elected official there, I went all out to see that we in Massachusetts were national leaders in children and family health, in addressing climate change and in providing solutions for housing at all income levels.

I'm a policy person and a strong believer in democratic values--in making government work for the people, in fairness and for participation in government. I always work collaboratively and strategically to get things done. That's what I plan to do as Democratic State Committee Woman.

I am proud to have Senator Sal DiDomenico's endorsement as I run for this seat which represents his Senate district, Middlesex and Suffolk. It is made up of the eastern end of Cambridge, and all of Chelsea, Everett and Charlestown. It's a wonderfully diverse district, and a microcosm of the state. I am sure it would help MassDems to hear more about the issues and opportunities that confront people across this district. And MassDems also need to become more connected to the hard- working organizations that are helping our families, communities and businesses thrive. I pledge to work hard to be that link for the Middlesex and Suffolk district.

We have lots of work ahead to ensure a robust social safety net, to answer urgent housing needs, to create jobs and opportunities for workers to afford to remain in our state. We also need to reduce carbon emissions and increase alternative energy resources, to protect people from the effects of climate change. There is an urgent need to address the needs of new immigrants. These are all priorities for me. I ask for your vote on March 5 (or before if you vote by mail.) I would be honored to serve you and look forward to hearing your priorities for our district.

Brief Bio

Henrietta Davis is the former mayor of Cambridge and was a long-time city councilor. In January 2014, she retired from elective office after serving on the City Council for 18 years, ending her service in the position of mayor. As mayor, she focused her efforts on climate action, family and children's health, and pedestrian and bicycle safety. After serving as mayor, she was a member of the Cambridge Net Zero Task Force. In addition, she served on the board of MCAN (the Mass Climate Action Network), and the board of USGBC-MA (the green building council). She was also on the board of the Institute for Market Transformation, a national organization promoting energy efficiency in buildings. Henrietta attended the Paris Climate Talks and became more convinced than ever that it's up to cities and states to take action!


Henrietta Davis served as the Mayor of the City of Cambridge for two years, from 2012 to January 2014. Prior to that she served eight terms on the Cambridge City Council, twice as the City's Vice Mayor. She also served on the School Committee for ten years. As Mayor she was its chair.

Over two decades serving the City of Cambridge, Mayor Davis focused on creating a healthy and livable city, concentrating not only on energy and the environment, but also on pedestrian and bicycling safety, neighborhood preservation, housing, aging in Cambridge, and children's health and education.

Mayor Davis made collaboration between the city's universities, businesses and the Cambridge community a hallmark of her term as mayor. In Cambridge, a hub of the global knowledge-based economy, Mayor Davis convened all sectors of the community for urban planning, sustainable development, and science and technology-based workforce development (STEAM).

As mayor, she took the lead to found the Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future, a collaboration between MIT, Harvard and many of the city's leading businesses in the knowledge- based economy. This group committed to working together to address climate change, especially by addressing energy use in buildings. She was also a member of the Cambridge Net Zero Task Force, a municipal advisory committee developing a long-term plan to reduce carbon emissions, aiming for zero emissions through energy efficiency and generation of renewable energy and many other measures.

Prior to serving as mayor, for many years Mayor Davis was the Chair of the City Council's Environment Committee and she led the Council to adopt a Green Building policy for all new city buildings. Because of her efforts all new school buildings are built to net zero standards. One such school, the Tobin School, is now under construction.

Mayor Davis also worked on many policy initiatives to improve the lives of families and children. For twenty-five years she co-chaired the national award-winning Healthy Children's Task Force, a community collaboration that was an early and successful promoter of healthy eating and physical activity for children. As Mayor, she chaired the Cambridge Kids' Council, the coordinating council for children and families.

Beyond Cambridge, Mayor Davis has been involved with national, state, and international activities. Mayor Davis served as the Chair of the International Council at the National League of Cities (NLC), and she was past Chair of NLC's Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee. At NLC she also chaired the University Community Relations Committee. She was a member of the Massachusetts Municipal Association's Energy and Environmental Policy Committee She has served on the board of the Institute for Market Transformation(IMT.) Former Mayor Davis has spoken on sustainability initiatives here and abroad.

Educational background: Henrietta Davis graduated from the University of Rochester, holds a Master's Degree from Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, and a Master's in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.